Operating Room Line-up

Patients often do not put any thought into who will actually be in the operating room during their surgery. It may be surprising to know, that it takes a pretty large staff to perform even the "simplest" of surgeries. It is important to note that anyone present during a surgery is noted in the medical record and a patient does have the right to know who was present and what organization they are associated with.

  • Primary Surgeon- The physician who performs your surgery and is responsible for your overall care.
  • Second surgeon ("Second scrub")- A physician who "scrubs in" to assist your primary surgeon.
  • Surgical assistant- A medical practitioner with surgical training, often employed by the surgeon.
  • Surgical technician- A nurse with surgical training, often employed by the hospital to assist in the OR.
  • Anesthesiologist- The physician who is responsible for your medical care while you are under anesthesia.
  • Nurse anesthetist- A nurse who assists in administering anesthesia, usually in the operating room.
  • Scrub nurse- A nurse who "scrubs in" to assist surgeons with sterile procedures at the operating table.
  • Circulating nurse- The nurse who is responsible for non-sterile tasks in the operating room.
  • Holding room nurse- The nurse who receives patients and prepares them for surgery in the preoperative area.
  • Recovery nurse- The nurse who cares for patients in the post-anesthesia care unit after surgery.

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Published: May 03, 2007
Updated: May 03, 2007